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DLB Paving provides residential and commercial paving, seal coating,
and drainage improvement services throughout southern New Hampshire.

From driveways to parking lots and private roads, DLB Paving is ready to handle your most challenging paving needs. We do our own excavation work, ensuring that the subsurface is properly prepared and ready for the base and top layers of ashphalt.

Our experience ranges from the smallest projects for private residents to commercial clients and municipalities. We're confident in our ability to complete any job, big or small, in a timely and professional manner.

Even though the materials may from the same suppliers, how much is used and the proper application of them makes the difference. DLB Paving is committed to meet or exceed expectations and ensure customer satisfaction with every project. Please call us today at (603) 883-5250 for a free estimate!

residential asphalt driveway paving services

Residential asphalt
paving services

In New England, asphalt is by far the most common choice among homeowners. For an attractive alternative, consider a stone chip driveway.

Commercial asphalt paving services

Commercial asphalt
paving services

Customer access to your business is critical. We handle your most exacting needs, including excavation work to improve drainage and ensure accessibility.

New asphalt installations

New asphalt installations

Need a new driveway for your residence or rental property, or a parking lot for your business? If you need an asphalt surface, DLB Paving can help!

Resurfacing and overlays

Resurfacing and overlaying is a cost effective way to give your driveway or parking lot a new lease on life. Call us today at (603) 883-5250 for a free estimate.

driveway crack

Sealcoating and crack filling

Repairing cracks and sealcoating your driveway or business parking area will extend the life of the existing driveway/area and improve its appearance.

Drainage improvements

Drainage improvements

Is your driveway or parking lot one big puddle after a storm? If poor drainage is an issue, call us today at (603) 883-5250 for a free estimate.