Asphalt Maintenance Tips

A well-maintained asphalt driveway adds to the curb appeal and value of your home,
and provides a large canvas for your little artist and her sidewalk chalk
Girl with sidewalk chalk in New Hampshire

Here are some tips to ensure long term satisfaction with your new driveway or parking lot:


  • Keep all vehicles off new asphalt for 7 days to ensure adequate time for the asphalt to cure, or harden. Hot summer temperatures may extend this hardening time.
  • You may WALK on the driveway after 24 hours, but refrain from using high heels, roller blades, lawn tractors, or bicycles on the asphalt surface.
  • Asphalt is extremely susceptible to chemicals during the hardening process. Gasoline, antifreeze, oil, diesel fuel, or household chemicals can cause discoloration, cracking or disintegration. Please take care that none of these, or other corrosive substances, come into contact with the asphalt. After the driveway hardens these chemicals will still have damaging effects on your driveway, but at a slower rate.
  • We recommend that the driveway be seal coated every 2-3 years, or as desired, after installation. To reduce damage to the edges of the asphalt be sure to back fill the edges with dirt and/or grass. Do not drive on the edges of the driveway.
  • Delivery drivers, repair servicemen, or visitors may not know your driveway is new. Overweight vehicles or drivers turning their wheels in place will blemish the surface of the asphalt. Plow trucks with chains will damage the surface, even after hardening off.
  • Motorcycle kickstands, auto jack stands, etc. will leave impressions in new asphalt and during prolonged periods of hot weather.


Asphalt is economical, easy to maintain, and lasts for years. Please call us today at (603) 883-5250 for a maintenance estimate.